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New full length opus from dreamgaze persona Drab Majesty


Drab Majesty : Careless LP

In the smoggy orange light of a new millennium, the young Deb Demure would take the bus, once a week, from his home in crumbling Hollywood to his grandmother’s apartment, nestled in the pastel pristineness of Beverly Hills. During these visits, Deb couldn’t help but notice the disconnect between the glow of his grandmother’s temple, and the downtrodden, alienated figures that populated the seats of the mass transit that took him there. Week after week, he would observe these characters: fading B-movie starlets, leisure-suited alcoholics, aging transgender prostitutes, and forgotten civil servants. But one fateful commute home, as the twilight waned to the purple Los Angeles night, he realized these figures were not as lost as they appeared – there was a nobility in their failure, reflective of the dignity of the city’s vanishing golden era. They were survivors, in need of a voice: a spokesperson for every color of hope and hopelessness, transcendent of gender and time; Drab Majesty became Deb’s musical podium for this undertaking.

Raised in a music-centric household, Deb would find the time to teach himself to play his father’s right-handed guitar upside down and left-handed; an unorthodox fashion from where his earliest understanding of chords and harmony were conceived. Exploring the bins of discarded vinyl in his neighborhood thrift stores, his toolkit expanded with the subterranean sonic gems of the recent past.  Influences range from the virtuosic arpeggiated guitar work of Felt’s Maurice Deebank and the grittier pop progressions of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s Chris Reed as well as Steve Severin from Siouxsie and The Banshees.  He also studied the harmonic oscillations and utilization of the occult power of vibratory frequency present in New Age sounds of Greek artist, IASOS.  In terms of orchestration, he consciously culls from the seaside maximalism of Martin Dupont and mechanized grooves of early Depeche Mode.  Like a dualistic pendulum, his vocals swing from a preistly baritone to a choir boy’s falsetto reflecting the sepulchral ambiance of church visits with his grandmother.

Currently the drummer for Los Angeles lo-fi rock ensemble Marriages and having honed an unorthodox home recording style, Deb sources his sounds from a repository of “mid-fi” synthesizers and other lesser-quality instruments.  Following the release of his debut cassette EP, “UNARIAN DANCES”, he also shared a split 12″ with synth pop forefathers, Eleven Pond.  During the Spring of 2015, Drab Majesty signed with Dais Records and released his first single, Unknown to the I, as a introduction for his first initial foray into the album format, romantically titled Careless.

Dais Records releases Drab Majesty’s debut LP “Careless” on June 23, 2015.  Written over the course of 2 years, “Careless” is a compendium of songs that have outlasted a malicious burglary of his studio, his struggles with substance addiction, and most recently, the death of his beloved grandmother.

$16.99 Vinyl LP Click to order – Available June 23, 2015

Posthumous final album from NYC noise rock veterans Sightings and brand new album by ambient composer Tor Lundvall


Sightings : Amusers and Puzzlers LP

After the release of their well-received ninth studio album, Terribly Well, and their successful month long European tour in 2013, Sightings did the unexpected and quietly disbanded without notice or explanation.   More than 15 years in the trenches and making a mess throughout New York City, the band made more of a polarizing impact to formalized underground music that most of their peers.  Sightings would have been a national treasure if the whole country was laid to waste in Armageddon.

During the sessions that birthed Terribly Well, a complimentary album was recorded in tandem which, while not intended to be their final statement, produced the jaded epilogue from the mouth of experimental rock’s most lasting monolith.  Amusers and Puzzlers is the schizophrenic culmination of their brand of damaged rock. Isolated noise patterns shifted from Mark Morgan’s unorthodox guitar patterns sewn up from his nervous, scattered vocal phrasing.  Richard Hoffman’s stampede-like momentum on bass slammed against Jon Lockie’s drum triggers made the past couple decades crash into itself.

Limited to 500 copies with cover art/design by Bill Nace (Body/Head).

Artist and experimental music pioneer, Tom Smith (To Live and Shave in LA) has been side-saddled with the band since its inception. He writes about “Amusers and Puzzlers”:

Sightings, visual prisoners, admonish the rebuke. 

Lesser steamers venerate excess; mirrors board tranquil wheels into the unseen. A Huggy Bear douche in a LETTRISME tee is still Ivanka T, reeking of suet. 

“Amusers and Puzzlers” is foreshortened, a loose spray of attenuation.

Bewildered dynamics extend to celebrity furniture. Essential graphic poets superimpose blueshifted ghost stalks. “40 photos, Arden, early ’96, destructive representation report.”

No. Sightings’ “Counterfeited” is carried first on the back of its bleating, knotted in inevitability. Their “1982″ projects a monumental collage of boos, in intervals. “Thirteen” strikes a black bell. “Trials of Peter” is a meadow of vapor, an opaque vacancy. “Syllabus of Errors” disciplines an inheritor. “I Steal from My House” recites the phrase “symphony world members, symphony chiseling flashes, symphony paint time,” in white foam, jackknifing.

Principal voices adorn the parting of faith; Sightings regress phonemes. “Amusers and Puzzlers” is soaked in juices.

– Tom Smith, 2015

$16.99 Vinyl LP Click to order – Available June 9, 2015


Tor Lundvall : The Park LP

 In 2012, ambient composer Tor Lundvall and Dais Records presented his second instrumental masterpiece entitled The Shipyard (2006’s Empty City being the first). After its release and universal praise, Lundvall had confided that there was a third instrumental album nearing completion entitled The Park.

Fostering his natural habitat of the wooded landscapes of Eastern Long Island, Lundvall again set about capturing his portrait studies and composing a lurid and abstract soundtrack to accompany his source of inspiration.

In Tor’s own words…“I first thought about making an album about a quiet park during a morning walk back in the frigid February of 2011.  Song titles started popping into my head long before any music was recorded.  ‘Symbols on Pavement’ was the first title that came to me, but ended up being the last piece recorded.

Like most of my previous albums “The Park” follows a timeline, in this case, beginning on an early spring morning and ending on a late summer evening.  The track sequence also maps out the shifting light and weather patterns during the course of a day.  For the first time in years, I’ve incorporated field recordings into the music, other than the sounds recorded from outside my studio window.  I carried my portable recorder with me during bike rides and walks through my favorite parks, recording birds, insects, lawnmowers, wood chippers, field games, and other less definable sounds.

Parks have always been my sanctuaries and my greatest sources of inspiration since childhood.  Although this album is not focused on one park in particular, the music resonates strongly with memories of my favorite childhood park, The James A. McFaul Environmental Center in Wyckoff, New Jersey.  The McFaul Center is a place of quiet beauty, but it is also filled with shadows and secrets, especially deep within the Nature Trail.  The final track, ‘Closes At Dusk’, is an homage to the siren which shrieked every evening from behind the towering pines.

Limited to 300 vinyl editions with artwork by Tor Lundvall.

$16.99 Vinyl LP Click to order – Available June 9, 2015

$28.00 Vinyl Bundle for Tor Lundvall “The Park” and “The Shipyard”


HFF DefiniteStructures

High-Functioning Flesh : Definite Structures LP

Instinctive EBM laced punk from Los Angeles own High-Functioning Flesh cuts through the discord with their sophomore album, Definite Structures.  Formed in southern California in 2012 following the conclusion of their previous musical endeavors, Gregory Vand and Susan Subtract came together fusing their backgrounds and aesthetics of industrial, punk, and noise to model songs that were collected on their debut album, A Unity of Miseries, A Misery of Unities, on Atlanta based electro label DKA Records.

Referencing the rack mount synthesis and accented drum machine strikes of 80’s bands like Portion Control and Nitzer Ebb, HFF main-lined their punk resumes into the reaction causing a signature chemtrail of martial techno-inspired electronic mayhem shredded through a vocally dystopian finality.  The past 3 years have launched HFF from a handful of lo-fi flashback demos to aggressively realized synth/punk dance floor anthems, carving out a sound that would let you think that HFF has warped time to an era completely their own.

$16.00 Vinyl LP Click to order – Available May 26, 2015

$30.00 Vinyl Bundle of High-Functioning Flesh & Hunting Lodge (SAVE $2.00 BUCKS!) Click to order – Available May 26, 2015


HUNTING LODGE - 1500x1500 300 DPI

Hunting Lodge : Will LP

During some brief encounters in 1981 behind the counter at Full Moon Records in Port Huron, Michigan, record store clerk (and member of local “industrial” band Hate/Grey) Lon Diehl started receiving tapes of self-made amp-noise, feedback and field recordings adorned with disturbing medical images entitled “Screw Machine” from regular customer Richard Skott.  Instantly, Diehl and Skott struck up a friendship over their appreciation of Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Dome. During this time, Diehl was producing the music fanzine “Smarm”, but due to the sudden change of artistic direction and collaboration, both Diehl and Skott started a new imprint which would become the legendary S/M Operations, home to their new experimental/ industrial project Hunting Lodge.

Hunting Lodge’s initial foray into musical performance during the Summer of 1982 involved both members to enlist the assistance of Karl Nordstrom, while Nordstrom’s brother Thomas aided the band in their visual art realizations. Soon after, Hunting Lodge played their first show on September 9, 1982 at the now infamous Harrington Ballroom in Port Huron which was released as a private edition cassette that same year.  After this performance, Hunting Lodge recorded their much-coveted “23 Minutes of Murder” cassette, though soon thereafter Karl Nordstrom left the band, leaving the line up to consist of the original core two members.

Upon the request of Andreas Muller of the German label Datenverarbeitung to record extra material for the Exhumed cassette, Hunting Lodge started to regularly record material and in the coming months would pull together tracks that would become their first full-length album entitled “Will”.  Drawing references from Crowley, Nietzsche and G. Gordon Liddy, Hunting Lodge collaged together industrial percussion patterns, live recordings, early sketches and synthesized noise into nine compositions which also included vocal appearances by Andreas Muller, Francisco Lopez and Masami Akita a.k.a. Merzbow. The final product would serve as a blueprint for later generations of industrial noise music and plant the influential seed for the years later Michigan noise output.

Dais Records is proud to release the official vinyl reissue of Hunting Lodge “”Will”. Fully remastered to its original sonic standards by Michael Rozon.

$16.00 Vinyl LP Click to order – Available May 26, 2015

$30.00 Vinyl Bundle of Hunting Lodge & High-Functioning Flesh (SAVE $2.00 BUCKS!) Click to order – Available May 26, 2015



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