Youth Code “A Place to Stand” 2nd Pressing – GLOW IN THE DARK

We’ve repressed the groundbreaking Youth Code EP “A Place to Stand” in a limited issue of 1000.  100 copies on Glow in the Dark/Black spotted, 400 on light blue, and 500 on black – comes in a matte jacket with glow in the dark spot gloss overlay on the front cover.

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William S. Burroughs: Nothing Here Now but the Recordings LP

In 1980, Genesis P-Orridge and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson (then of Throbbing Gristle renown) travelled to New York City to meet up at the fortified apartment, known as The Bunker, of famed beat writer and cultural pioneer William S. Burroughs and his executor James Grauerholz to starting the daunting task to compile the experimental sounds works of Burroughs, which, up until that point, had never been heard.

During those visits, Burroughs would play back his tape recorder experiments featuring his spoken word “cut-ups”, collaged field recordings from his travels and his flirtations with EVP recording techniques, pioneered by Latvian intellectual Konstantins Raudive.  Throughout the next year, P-Orridge, Christopherson and Grauerholz would spent countless hours compiling various edits, each collection showcasing Burroughs sensitive ear and keen experimental prowess for audio anomaly within technical limitations.

By the time 1981 came through, Burroughs had relocated to Lawrence, KS in which to escape the violence and mania of New York City life.  It is in Lawrence that P-Orridge and Christopherson put the finishing touches on the record that would be known as “Nothing Here Now but the Recordings”.  The album would come out in the Spring of 1981 as the final release for the shuttering Industrial Records, brought about by the dissolution of Throbbing Gristle.  The album remained out of print until 1998 when John Giorno and the Giorno Poetry Systems included the album on a multi-disc retrospective CD box set compiling the majority of Burroughs seminal recordings.

Dais Records is honored to have worked with the Estate of William S. Burroughs to finally reissue, for the first time since its original release in 1981, a proper album reissue of William S. Burroughs “Nothing Here Now but the Recordings” in its original vinyl format to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Burroughs. Fully remastered from the original master tapes in a limited edition of 1,000 vinyl copies.

$18.99 Click to pre-order – Available January 2015

In Youth Code related news….Unfortunately, VNV Nation had to drop off the upcoming tour with Skinny Puppy, Haujobb and Youth Code.  Front Line Assembly will now be added to the tour.


New digital single by folk siren Scout Paré-Phillips


Scout Paré-Phillips : Your Light Digital Single

Scout Paré-Phillips’ recent recognition as a young and talented visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY –  as displayed in her accomplished portfolios –  shows only a small portal into the creative road that Scout has chosen to go down. Scout’s musical foray started with the Baltimore based post-punk/country act, The Sterling Sisters. Within the Sisters, her skills as one-half of the primary songwriting force, coupled with her varied instrumentation and balladeer vocal projections made way for Scout to step aside and embark on her own solo performances and creative endeavors.

Scout’s operatically trained soprano voice combined with her seemingly effortless proficiency with instruments such as the autoharp and baritone guitar create her own unique hybrid of old time folk storytelling and modern illusionary contrast. Influenced by acoustic legends such as Sibylle Baier and Leonard Cohen, the vocal conviction of Roy Orbison, and still holding poetic court with players like Rowland S. Howard, Nick Cave and Diamanda Galas, Scout Paré-Phillips’ songwriting lands in the middle of some very intriguing yet complex influences.

Recently, Scout’s talents have been noticed by Jack White (The White Stripes / Third Man). She was asked to accompany him on Lazaretto and even star in White’s new video, Would You Fight For My Love?. Her recent autobiographical songs have been collected into a forthcoming album entitled “Heed the Call” to be released on Dais Records in March 2015. Leading up to this release, Dais is proud to select a “digital only” single by Scout which features the wonderfully simple, yet starkly haunting track, Your Light, coupled with an exclusive remix of her album’s title song, Heed the Call.

Crashing crescendos of guitar, percussively strummed autoharp and an array of both acoustic and electronic sculptures by Scout Paré-Phillips with accompaniment by Scout’s beloved musical collaborator, Emil Bognar-Nasdor (Dawn of Humans, Røsenkopf), populate her LP.  Scout’s torch songs of pure, raw emotional outpouring compliment the rich timbre of her trained voice, which breathes a new life into the contemporary idea of a “folk singer”. Her narrative about two lovers being torn apart and brought back together over many years has formed a new genre within acoustic music’s storytelling tradition.

Purchase the digital single Your Light by Scout Paré-Phillips at iTunes on November 5, 2014.

Scout Paré-Phillips debut full-length album “Heed the Call” to be released on March, 24, 2015 on Dais Records.

Self-Titled Magazine premieres the video for “Your Light”

New album by electronic music mastermind Martial Canterel and 3rd repress of Youth Code’s self-titled debut album

Martial Canterel - 1500x1500

Martial Canterel Gyors, Lassú LP 

Since his first live performances in 2002, Sean McBride, aka Martial Canterel (who also performs as half of the duo Xeno & Oaklander), has crafted his electronic sound in a peculiar intersection between avant-garde and pop. Merging the influences of the first wave of relatively unknown minimal electronic bands in northern Europe, and seminal industrial noise bands such as Throbbing Gristle and SPK, with the smoothly stylish songcraft of early British New Wave, Martial Canterel records and performs using analogue synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines exclusively, molding electricity to fix the action of music creation in substance. The mastery of his composition technique, a second nature of harmonic complexity, along with a unique talent for melodies, enables him to manufacture gems of extreme noise pop, making use of all its unexpected ingredients.

Gyors, Lassù marks an important milestone in the evolution of Martial Canterel‘s music, progressing far beyond the cages of “minimal synth” and embracing the noisier qualities of its sound with a renewed urgency, a kind of thickness embodied in multiple layers using only eurorack, Serge and Roland 100 modular systems at his disposal and flushing out the entire session in one take. Sine waves are rendered into walls of guitar-like noise on songs like “And I Thought”, while the stretching out and liquifaction of what were once very precise pointillistic staccato synth arpeggios are marshaled into layers of violent bliss on “Gyors/Lassù”. The analogue labor and the density of sound highlight the character of continuous performance of the music, where the intertwining of the artist and his work is profoundly material in its quality. As in a modern embodiment of the potter’s wheel…the hands, the texture of clay, with ceramic material. Translated lyrically and conceptually, music performance is for time what travel represents in space, and Gyors/Lassù is the sonic rendering of McBride’s wanderings between Hungary (“Bulvàr”, “Budapest II”) and the South of Italy (“Teano”), between vibrant rhythmic structures and melancholic instrumentals, balancing its bodily intensity with abstract experimentation against the regression of the modern listener.

Limited edition vinyl and available digitally. Release due on October 28, 2014.

Listen to the track “And I Thought” off the new album, Gyors, Lassù, by Martial Canterel.

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$18.00 Click to order – Available on October 28, 2014


Youth Code : s/t LP  (3rd Repress) – Limited 500

Repress of the sold-out debut album by Los Angeles wrath-induced EBM outfit Youth Code. Their initial offering unleashes 10 bitter outbursts of dance floor destruction saddling strict BPM worship following the Wax Trax blueprint but stylistically rewriting their unique industrial anthems to a beat all their own.  An explosive cohesion of material to follow up the angst-laden maelstrom of their elusive demo tape and redefined single on Angry Love Productions. While comparisons to the likes of Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Ministry are not far off, their hybrid blend with contemporary American hardcore punk makes Youth Code one of the most individual and distinctive electronic acts active today.

Limited 400 on Black Vinyl / 100 on “Rest in Piss” Yellow Vinyl

Vinyl LP $16.00 – Click here to pre-order – Available on November 28, 2014

PLEASE NOTE : Orders that include Martial Canterel AND the Youth Code re-release together will ship on NOVEMBER 28th, (the latest date of the items in your cart).  If you want to get Martial Canterel first, and then Youth Code later, you must make two different orders and pay shipping for each item.  (We hold items here until all items arrive, and then ship.)

From the howling hills,
Ryan & Gibby / Dais Records




Youth Code : A Place to Stand 12” EP  

Youth Code’s latest release, A Place To Stand, is an expression of rage that could only come from Los Angeles. Perfectly capturing the frustration and claustrophobia of the early 80s LA hardcore scene but re-appropriating that aggression and melding it to the strict, pounding electronics of classic industrial. Produced by Josh Eustis (Nine Inch Nails, Telefon Tel Aviv, Sons of Magdalene), Side A of A Place to Stand features four new Youth Code tracks that showcase the band exploring an evolved sense of melodic synth work and more varied tempos than anything they have released to date. From the pure adrenal rush of opening track, “Consumed By Guilt” and the Wax Trax-esque dance floor anthem “To Burn Your World” to the lush synthscape melodies of “For I Am Cursed” You can hear Ryan George and Sara Taylor perfectly balancing respect for their elders whilst creating something that’s uniquely their own. Rounding out the Youth Code originals on Side A, “A Litany (A Place To Stand)” figuratively stands out, as it is a spoken-word diatribe on society that encapsulates the feeling of the entire record.

Side B of “A Place to Stand” collects four remixes of earlier Youth Code tracks, from artists as diverse as Corrections House’s Sanford Parker, Sub Pop signed avant rap crew Clipping., industrial / EBM mainstays God Module & the dark and minimal techno mastermind, Silent Servant.  What makes A Place to Stand exceptional is Youth Code’s ability to coax raw, organic emotion out of cold, primitive synths. A trait that stems from the band’s peculiar genesis.

(Matte finish jacket with spot gloss logo overlay! Limited to 100 on Blood Splatter [SOLD OUT], 400 on Marble, and 500 on Clear Bottle Green)


Check out the first single, Consuming Guilt, over at Pitchfork


Youth Code : An Overture CD

Coinciding with the release of Youth Code’s new EP, Dais Records  presents a compact disc collection entitled An Overture comprising their four brand new songs off their 12” EP “A Place to Stand”, along with 2013′s incredible hardcore EBM hybid self-titled LP, as well as the breakout single 7” from Angry Love Productions.  Sixteen tracks in total collecting the bands early material leading up to Youth Code’s rise to prominence through industrial music’s underground labyrinth.


Check out Youth Code as they tour North America this winter as part of the Alliance of Sound Tour featuring Skinny Puppy, VNV Nation and Haujobb.